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Talent Concept

Guangyuan Textile is one of the world supported by various talents, Guangyuan value created by employees. Therefore, we regard employees as the most valuable asset of our company, and are willing to absorb talented and potential talents in the world, and hope that every employee can get a good development in the company.
Guangyuan family by lively individuals, we value people, respect people, believe that the development progress and enterprise employees are closely related. Creativity, Guangyuan vitality from the employee company staff on the upgrade; diligently strive after, innovation, the company always keep the vitality. The development of the company needs to be driven by the strength of the staff, and the development of the individual needs the opportunity and the development space of the company. Therefore, it is our pursuit to let enterprises and employees get the best development.


We strive to create and look forward to the Guangyuan people:

Behave: Good faith, cooperation, good learning
Work: Earnest, innovative, and striving for excellence
Our Mission: People oriented, system management, professional service, and the joint promotion of enterprise value and employee value.

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